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Internal Investigations

We conduct confidential internal investigations for companies, as well as independent investigations for audit and other board committees.  We seek to get to the heart of the matter as efficiently as possible, often working under severe time constraints, with the goal of mitigating the risks to our clients.  We are always mindful of the impact corporate investigations can have on the company and its reputation, as well as the impact on those whose conduct is under review.

Representative Matters

  • The audit committee of a NASDAQ listed company in an investigation of allegations of senior executive misuse of company credit cards


  • A global food manufacturer in an investigation following reports of a Customs and Border Protection investigation involving Tariff Act allegations
  • A large pharmaceutical company in an investigation concerning its relationship with a corrupt vendor and managing related government investigation
  • A major investment bank in an investigation of a whistleblower complaint by a product control professional alleging that improper procedures were employed in the price-testing of certain exchange traded derivative products
  • A special committee of the board of an investment fund in an investigation of whistleblower allegations of management fee overcharge by adviser
  • A pharmaceutical company in an investigation of allegedly unlawful marketing practices
  • An investment bank in an internal review of risk management and credit underwriting practices in connection with certain derivative products
  • A national tool manufacturer in an investigation of potential embezzlement, bribery, and theft by an employee
  • The audit committee of a NASDAQ listed technology company in an investigation of a whistleblower’s allegations of accounting irregularities and management misconduct
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